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Macaroni Kid Toy Party

November 16, 2012
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P. Liu

We hosted a Macaroni Kid Toy Party last weekend and it was indeed an awesome party! All the kids had fun trying  newly released toys from our sponsors. At the same time, parents got the chance to enjoy the delicious cake and take a break from their busy life.

I would like to take the chance to review some of the great toys we tried last week. Please also stay tuned for next week's newsletter, because we will also host giveaways to our subscribers.

Barbeque Party



When we first started the party, Barbeque Party game quickly drew my 3-year-old boy's attention. The game is very simple. Each kid picks a card, and the card will tell us which food we need to grill. If you pick that card again, you will need to remove that food. The best part of the game is the barbeque grill will pop once it is tickled, and it means we will need to restart the game!

Winx Toys





Girls would definitely love this beautiful Believix fashion with sparkly wings.  These wings can be removed so you can play this toy as a girl or as a fairy.  In addition, there are eleven points articulation, which will allow your girls to try so many different poses. 

V Tech Kidiminiz 



Although the Kidiminiz is suggested for age 4-7 children. My 3-year-old boy and his friends are in love with this cute little playmate. This kitten can actually talk to the child, move around, and let the child know its needs. When the kitten tells the child that it is hungry, the child can feed the kitten and when the kitten tells the child that it is bored, the child can dance with the kitten. 

The Budding Builder


I am not a very creative mother.  Sometimes I have to browse the internet for fun activities and projects to do with my kids.   The Budding Builder includes fifty building activities that you can do with kids. You will learn how to make a marker organizer, how to construct a sculpture by toothpick, and how to create a fairytale cottage. 

This book is perfect for you if you have kids age three to six. The materials called for the projects are very easy to find and the instructions are very easy to follow. You and your kids will have lots of fun buidling all the projects. 




Sbyke is a bybrid bike-scooter recommended for kids 8 years and older. This can be used for exercise, transportation, or simply for fun. I really like the design and its high-quality materials. 

Sbyke is very easy to maneuver and it can be parked in garage as well as fit into the truck of your car. This will not only bring lots of fun to your family but also encourage your kids to be more active.

**This is a sponsored article**