An Unforgettable Mother and Son Trip to Villa del Palmer

Islands of Loreto, Mexico

By Peiwen L. August 9, 2018

I enjoy traveling since I was young. Meeting people, trying different cuisines, experiencing different culture are my favorite things to do when I travel. When I became a mother eleven years ago, I started taking my family to different places and countries. Spending time together with my family on our vacation truly brings our family closer and connect with each other deeper. Therefore, I was excited when received the invitation to visit Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. 

Islands of Loreto is located almost in the middle of Baja California Sur. It’s only two hour plane ride from Los Angeles International Airport and upon arriving the airport, it only takes forty minutes to Villa del Palmer Resort by shuttle. I like how easy and affordable the travel is and this is the major reason I will take my family to this amazing destination again in the future.

Villa del Palmar on the Islands of Loreto is set within Danzante Bay and surrounded by amazing ocean and mountain views.There are so many activities to choose from in the resort including swimming in six different pools, playing golf on the world-class Danzante Bay Golf Club, playing tennis, enjoying spa and hiking. The beach is only five minute walking from our suite and the resort provides kayaks and paddleboards for the guests. If you would like to take adventure outside of the resort, you can also plan tours such as sport fishing, scuba diving, island tour, and snorkeling and reef tour.

My son and I really enjoy our suite at Villa del Palmar. Our suite has a large living area, spacious dining room and full kitchen. I am very impressed about the oversized terrace where we can enjoy the stunning views of the Sea of Cortez, as well as the stunning views of Sierra Giganta Mountain Range. 

During our stay at Villa del Palmar, we also tried delicious food offered at three different restaurants. Our first night was a Beach Party, where we had our buffet style dinner on the white sands beach while watching the live show. My boy enjoyed watching the cultural dance and playing the games with the crew. Our second night was a formal dining at Danzante Restaurant & Bar. It was such an amazing culinary experience for me and my boy to enjoy seafood, fresh fish, and mexican drinks while we had meaningful talk. It was also my very first time watching how mexican coffee was prepared. The preparation itself was a stunning show! There are also times we just want a simple meal and we would eat breakfast at The Market or lunch at Casa Mia. My favorite time was eating ceviche, almejas (Chocolate Clams), sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the beautiful mountain and ocean scenery. 

Our stay at Villa del Palmar was very relaxing. Except the days we have the scheduled downtown tour, spa treatment, and snorkeling tour, my boy would choose his own activities. He really enjoyed swimming at different swimming pools in the resort, fishing at the white sands beach, and kayaking. He also enjoyed mommy’s full attention where he normally cannot get when we are busy with school and extracurricular activity. 

His best memory of this trip was snorkeling and boat tour. We went on this tour with a group and our tour guide was a very experienced guy who introduced the marine wildlife to us. During our snorkeling tour, we were able to see lobsters, sea cucumbers, sea turtles, starfish, and various fish. It was also my boy and my very first time snorkeling in  the ocean. The tour was approximately four hours and we were able to see many dolphins during this tour.

Loreto is such a special place. It’s quiet and beautiful. Your can either choose to relax, do nothing, and enjoy the beautiful view or you can choose to be active and explore the ocean. Villa del Palmar is the perfect getaway for families and just like my boy said to me when we were about to leave the resort, we will definitely bring our family here very soon. 

** This is a sponsored article written by me on behalf of Villa del Palmar at The Islands of Loreto.